Frolic Into Fall

Getting ready for fall and winter can be a chore. However with a few simple tips and tricks, getting it done can be quick and will pay off for homeowners. Insuring the appropriate maintenance has been performed to keep your home in top shape before the snow flies is important.

There are a few major things to remember when it comes to cold weather. A large part of getting ready for fall is to prepare your outdoor landscapes for the harsh reality that is Canadian winter, including (but not limited to) storing patio furniture, wrapping cedar trees and putting away decorative items that could be damaged. Freezing water can cause damage to concrete, metal pipes, gutters and landscapes and the thaw/freeze cycle can worsen the damage. Cleaning gutters and downspouts is a task that should be completed.

Here are a few other tips, and suggested areas to focus on in order to winterize your home this year.

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