How to Make Small Spaces Seem Bigger

It may seem inconvenient or difficult to decorate a small space in your home, but there are a variety of strategies to make that smaller area seem much bigger. Here are some interior design ideas to help you maximize the space in smaller rooms in your home.

The first step for making your small space seem bigger is to clear out all unnecessary items in the room. It’s very hard for any space to look big when there is an assortment of unorganized things thrown around the room. You’ll also want to make sure that there are clear walkways that aren’t obstructed by any pieces of furniture.

The color scheme is very important for maximizing the space in a small room. Dark and warm hues can make a room feel closed off or intimate, so it’s important to choose soft colors for smaller rooms. Lighter colors give rooms a more airy, open feeling and this can be enhanced by choosing similar soft colors for the furniture, curtains, or other items in the room. If your room accessories match the color of the wall, the room will seem more expansive.

Let in as much light as possible. Well-lit rooms always seem larger and you can achieve this with thinner drapes or by making sure all windows are unobstructed. If your small room doesn’t have any windows, you can use mirrors to reflect light from lamps and overhead lighting and give the room a more open feeling. Another way to enhance the light is to use transparent pieces of furniture. Light will flow unobstructed when you have furniture made of glass or lucite.