Importance of Spring Maintenance

“There’s no better way to preserve the value of your home than with regular, consistent maintenance. So every time the seasons change, make sure you do a thorough check of your house – inside and out – to make sure you’re keeping it in tiptop shape,” says Scott McGillivray. As homeowners, we all want low-maintenance homes but we want to protect our investment. As the seasons change we need to be diligent with knocking these things off our to-do list.

April is a perfect time to get these things done especially on those rainy days when you are stuck inside!

Here is why seasonal maintenance is important :

🏡Identify Issues: It allows you to identify issues before they become major repairs.

🏡Value : It helps you maintain and add to the value of your home.

🏡 Appearance: It improves the appearance of your property.

🏡 Protection: It protects your home against weather and other threats.

🏡Minimize Long Term Costs: Maintenance costs are less when you do it regularly.

🏡 Fewer Surprises: Fewer unforeseen issues will arise.

🏡 Save Time: The more frequently you do it, the less time it will take each season.

Here are the Top 10 Spring Maintenance Items to Consider:

  1. Inspect The Roof.
  2. Clean the Gutters and Downspouts.
  3. Check the foundation from the outside.
  4. Inspect the Windows and Doors.
  5. Check the Garage Doors
  6. Check the Outdoor Lights.
  7. Fence & Deck Maintenance.
  8. Prepare the Lawn, Trees & Greenery.
  9. Bring Out the Outdoor Furniture & Clean BBQ.
  10. Outdoor General Spring Cleaning.