Is Home Staging Worth the Effort?

Is Home Staging Worth the Effort?

Staging is all about dressing up your home so that it looks its best to buyers.
This can involve anything from rearranging furniture and doing some home
improvements, to painting and redecorating, to even replacing existing
furnishings and other items. The goal is to make key rooms look worthy of a
magazine cover!

But is it worth the effort? Can’t you just clean and tidy and, perhaps, do a little

Sometimes you can — especially if your home is in high demand and likely to
get multiple offers.

However, in most cases, staging can help sell your property faster and for a
higher price.

In fact, studies done by the home staging industry consistently reveal that
staged homes sell for an average of 5-23% above list price. (That varies, of
course, depending on the local market.)

Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to do extensive staging. You
may, for example, be able to focus on only key rooms on the main floor —
where buyers tend to form their lasting impressions — and then simply clean
and declutter the other rooms.

When it comes to staging, you have many options. Each home is different
and will have different staging needs.

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