Freda Kalogeropoulos

Sales Representative - Marketing

Freda has a very impressive resume! She is originally from Toronto where she graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree, but is now proud to call Ottawa her home!

She was an international recording artist for many years and had several #1 Hits on the Dance Charts! Freda’s music is still downloaded and sells all over the world and is featured on a famous video game Dance Dance Revolution as well as various TV Shows airing around the globe! Freda used to be a regular singing the national anthem for the Toronto Raptors, The Toronto Blue Jays and for the Toronto Argonauts! One of her proudest moments was when Freda performed the Canadian and the Greek National Anthems when the Greek National Basketball Team played an exhibition game against the Toronto Raptors!

While Freda was singing and song writing, she was also working at the National Bank of Greece and she worked alongside her parents in their steel construction business.

Freda then received an incredible opportunity to work for Celine Dion’s Canadian Legal team as an administrator for one of Celine’s Canadian Lawyers. Unfortunately this office relocated to Los Angeles after a few years.

Freda was looking for a change so she went on to become an elementary school teacher for the TDSB, after putting her singing/song writing career on hold for a while. As Agent DK excelled and thrived in the real estate business, it became very clear early on that DK needed Freda on the team to assist with the thriving business. Freda had been helping behind the scenes with marketing and performing other administrative duties for the Agent DK Team for years but the Team now needed her help full time.

It was a natural progression for Freda to take her real estate courses and to become a fully licensed realtor. We are proud to say that Freda took the leap and received her real estate license! She dominated all of the courses receiving top marks in all of her courses! Freda is officially a licensed Realtor on the Agent DK Team!

Freda has accomplished all of this while being a busy wife and Mom!

Freda and DK are proud parents to 2 incredible boys Kostas and Andreas!

We are wondering if there is anything Freda can’t do??!!