Jeff Mckee

Jeff Mckee

We never doubted your ability or tenacity DK.

I always operate under very simple principles:

1) Being Open & Honest and candid for that matter. I mentioned from day one I met with other agents to get opinions. Gave you full details of where they placed the house in terms of value , but also did say the listing is yours if and when we decided to list. I liked your approach from when we met – candid & motivated. (just so you know – one point that didnt go unnoticed was your ability to meet in short notice and still run out to the house beforehand to get that photo of the house as your cover for the presentation – I assume it was the day of or afternoon before)

I saw the same thing when you dealt with the other agents – full disclosure and no bullshit.

2) Doing what you say your going to do (“keeping my word”) -the principle I hold in highest regard, because at the end of the day you only have your personal / professional reputation to fall back on.

Anyhow – great result – we are thrilled (probably more relieved than anything). We can now move on and close this chapter in the book – it wasn’t an easy process.

Both logistically (me being in Australia and Michelle in Guelph) and also emotionally (it’s the house we grew up in).

I wouldn’t hesitate to refer you “Agent DK” and if you do ever need a reference feel free to reach out.