Joey & Jobina Mead

Joey & Jobina Mead


Over a year ago my wife and I purchased a new home from a builder. From that time we knew we would need to put our current house up on the market. My wife had a previous successful experience selling her home on Grapevine and we were leaning towards using that service again.

Having grown up with Agent DK and being close with him my whole life I knew of the success he had always had in sales, especially in real estate. I knew that if I was going to opt to use an agent it would be Agent DK.

After much debate and leaning towards selling on our own my wife and I asked DK over to explain what he could offer us. We decided on the spot that we wanted to work with him. He offered many advantages we would not have working alone :

All of the above advantages meant that our family knew we were in good hands and relieved us of a lot of stress and effort. The most important quality that DK brought to us was honesty. His knowledge and confidence allowed him to be straightforward with us about the valuation of our home and the cleanup / staging / arrangement of the interior to maximize our homes’ appeal.

Having Agent DK on our side to guide us through the process resulted in a fast sale of our home at a price my wife and I are both very happy with. In fact, it was Agent DK who personally secured the sale of our home by spending time educating and selling our eventual buyer on the value of our home at an open house he hosted. I truly belief without his assistance we would have spent longer on the market and received less for our house.

We recommend Agent DK to anyone in the real estate market whether you are buying, selling, or want something done in your current home. The personal attention, expert advice, and results you will receive make this a no brainer.

Thanks so much DK!