Rhonda Pike

Rhonda Pike

Impressive. That is the word I have to use in describing DK. I had been somewhat apprehensive about finding an agent to sell my home. I had not had a great experience when I sold my last home and I was guarded about hiring another. However, it was within a matter of minutes of meeting DK that I felt I had found someone who would do their best for me.

My home was not a big one and was not going to generate the kind of commissions that newer, larger homes would, so I was not expecting anything special. I was so pleasantly surprised at how DK gave me his full attention and made me feel as though I was his only client, which I obviously wasn’t. He got the process going quickly, had the research done the day after we first met, and assured me he would sell my house quickly and for nothing less than the price we were asking. And he did.

We had 10 showings booked the day it went up on the market but it sold the first day. He even went back to the buyer and came away with a little extra. I knew every step of the way what was happening with the sale: who was serious, who wasn’t, timelines, negotiations with the other agents, and exactly the moment the buyer signed on the dotted line.

It didn’t matter how late or early something needed to be done, DK was on it and did what he said he would do.

DK is a go-getter and is not satisfied with doing an ok job; it has to be a great job. And yet, he is a real person, with a real family, who understands that everyone wants to be treated with respect and caring.

He went above and beyond asking, “What can I do?”, “Is there something I can help you with to make this better?”, “Do you need anything?” From finding a great deal on moving boxes, to recommending a carpet store, to referring an inspector for the house I was buying – that I had already purchased privately! – he made every effort to make this experience a positive one.

I would recommend DK to anyone looking to buy or sell or both – without reservation of any kind. If you’ve ever doubted the motivation of an agent or felt you were not important to them, you didn’t work with DK.

Thanks, DK, for all of your hard work and commitment to me as your client.

I’ll be keeping several of your cards in my wallet to give to friends!