Robert & Chia Thomas

Robert & Chia Thomas

Half Moon Bay

As a Member of the Canadian Forces, my wife and I have been posted numerous times over the years. Each and every time we move, we buy and sell homes. During this time, we have purchased homes in Victoria BC, Halifax NS, Winnipeg MB, Kingston On and St. John’s NL with the help of realtors.

But what is most important is the fact that each of these realtors does not even come close to Agent DK.

His skill and knowledge of real estate is what helps him sell homes in the city of Ottawa.

But what really makes him a great realtor is the fact the he truly cares about the well being of his clients. He puts the clients needs before his own and goes above and beyond when it comes to assisting them where others would not.

I must give one example: our most recent purchase was a home in beautiful Half Moon Bay. With our closing date being only 2 days away, the lawyer calls stating that he has not received the mortgage documents from the bank.

What does Agent DK do when he hears the news? He drives to the bank early in the morning, sits down and waits 5 hours to ensure the banker sends the documents to the lawyer immediately!

Really, who would do something like that you ask yourself?

The answer is the best real estate agent in all of Canada. A man that takes the time to show you 50 plus homes, goes to your home inspection, not once but twice and a man that is available 24/7 and I mean literally.