The Reilly’s

The Reilly’s


Thank You DK!!!!

From the day we decided to sell and buy new, we had a lot of questions and concerns, after all this was our first time selling a house. It was out of pure luck that we met up with DK at the Tamarack sales office in Barrhaven.

We were there looking at the models and signing off on some paperwork for our new purchase and in walked this suave looking gentleman, I recognized him right away (I went to school with him) and we started to chat and catch up a bit.

When he left, the salesperson told me he was very good and had sold a lot of homes in the Barrhaven area. We needed an agent, and took her advice, which turned out to be the best advice given!

We set up a meeting with DK where he went over everything in fine detail for us, any questions we had were answered, and he helped lower our stress level. He had his team call and check in with us to make sure we had everything we needed or if we had any additional questions. Silvi was extremely pleasant and professional throughout the whole process.

The house was listed, and sold for 99% of what we were asking. We were very happy!

Selling a house can be a major stress for a person, but when you have DK and his Team working for you they help take all of the worries away.

So DK, Silvi, Freda and Perry…….. THANK YOU!!

You did an excellent job in selling our home.