Van Ta

Van Ta

I figured if I put up a beautiful sign, de-clutter and stage my home nicely it would sell on its own, because its in the beaches! A neighbour was also selling his home five houses down and I figured that any traffic he generates from his agent I would get the flow as well.

Well it didn’t work for me, so after 2 weeks I listed on MLS with an agent that charges a flat fee to help gain exposure but still after 3 weeks, no serious offers.

The next few days were hectic because I would get agents calling with ridiculous offers, and I had to keep my house tidy every day was just too much.

I met DK while I was trying to sell my town house in the beaches neighborhood. He was one of many agents who came by to view the place in order to try and gain my business except he was actually checking to see if one of his clients would be interested.

He did follow up to tell me his client wasn’t interested the same night. While he knew I was trying to sell privately, he did offer many tips and help during the two months I tried to sell myself in the month of May and June.

With no serious offers we decided to interview a few agents that came by trying to get our business in the first place plus a few of the super elite agents of the beaches area, but DK always stood out from everyone.

We met with him again and what I liked most of DK was his energy and his dedication to work hard and prepare the house in order to sell it properly. I also figured that someone who would give me this much attention during the 2 months that I tried to sell myself would definitely take care of me better when I do become his client.

He would always keeps us informed of every detail and got the sale going smoothly.

In the end he sold our place in 12 days with multiple offers while I was in L.A. with my fiancée relaxing. DK did an awesome job while offering me the time to go down to LA that I wasn’t able to do had I kept trying to sell the place myself.

He got professional photos taken, an awesome HD video which I love and I am keeping as a souvenir! I would and already have recommended DK to neighbours and friends.

I have many friends and acquaintances who are agents but DK was the one I ended up using to sell my first beautiful beach home and I’m so happy I did!