The Agent DK Team Decorating Contest!


A member of the Agent DK Team will be dropping off a kit to our 2020 clients.

Once you receive your Gingerbread Kit it’s time to have some family fun!

1. Have fun decorating your Gingerbread House compliments of The Agent DK Team!

2. Post your completed Masterpiece on Facebook or Instagram.

Facebook: Tag “The Agent DK Team”

Instagram: Tag @agentdk

Use the Following Hashtags:

#AgentDKContest #AgentDKCertified #AgentDK

Or Simply Take a picture and email it to: [email protected]

Submit Entry NO LATER THAN December 15th, 2020

Prizes to be won!


Brian T.

George & Sophia T.

Nicoletta K.

Harry K.

Kosta K.

Ihn Hung B.

Nene B.

Bassam B.

Anne Sophie V.

Karen M.

Linda N.

Stefano & Sophie P.

Jennifer N.

Joey M.

Svetlana R.

The Gera Triplets

Harvey & Charlotte G.

Tina W.

Melissa B.

The Potvins

Mina R.

Jason & Jacquie

Randi S.

Curtis R.

Bianca P.

Nihit K.

Penny R.

Andrew & Chelsea C.

Natasha R.

Dan & Teri

Theodora M.

Allison L.

Sedra M.

Linda & Tarigh

Chris M.

Mira K.

Irene H.

Vasso A.

Christina K.

Brian A.

Alex and Pamela

Mark H.

Chris and Gina P.

Their Gingerbread Listing Website – Click Here!

Courtney W.

Hamsadhvani P.

Jean and Laura V.

Dy L.

Mirella A.

Rana B.


Michelle B.

John and Rana C.

Amy C.

Maria H.

Michael & Courtney A.

Vito & Becky M.

Anton B.

Deidre S.